The Story

The Story

“  Wine has always been on the table … ”

“Born and raised in Bordeaux, my passion for winemaking was inspired by my grandmother, a connoisseur who taught me to appreciate a good wine.

After graduating from Toulouse university as a winemaker in 2009, I celebrated my first vintage on a small, traditional winery in Bordeaux. Crafting some of the finest wines from some of the simplest tools, I discovered a love of getting my hands dirty and being immersed in every aspect of wine production.

For the next few years I travelled the globe as a flying winemaker – during this time I felt really lucky to rub shoulders with some of the best winemakers in the world. I built up my knowledge and skills working back-to-back vintages in the Sonoma Valley, the birthplace of the Californian wine industry, and in state-of-the-art wineries in the Hawkes Bay and Marlborough in New Zealand.

After some time back in France working in a wine shop and later as a winemaker for a renowned family vineyard in Bordeaux, I decided to make a permanent move to the southern hemisphere. The feeling of freedom inspired in New Zealand, the huge landscapes and the abundance of good wines produced here encouraged me to make a new beginning.

In 2015, I felt ready to start the awesome adventure of developing my own label. I settled in stunning Central Otago, one of the top new wine producing regions of the world, where I can fully embrace my passion for handcrafting beautiful wine using only the finest fruits and traditional techniques.”



Renan Theilloux

Winemaker – Founder RT Wines


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