The Team

The Team

Stephane Bouy - Co-Owner

France Distributor

Aurelien Mansuy - Co-Owner


“Renan and I have known each other forever. I have always been a wine lover and most particularly of Bordeaux wines, the region I grew up in. I really started to open my mind following Renan’s travels around the world and when he was bringing back home the very special bottles he found overseas.

From a wine surprise to another I decided to go and explore the wine world. Last winter as I was travelling, I visited Renan in New Zealand and finally discover the country it always talks about. I was stunned by the scenaries and the vineyards.

He asks me if I wanted to distribute the wines in France. The challenge is so appealing and the idea of working together such a pleasure, that I accept the invitation”

" I have been introduced to the wine world while going to consumer wine fairs with my parents. Tasting wines and meeting the passionate people behind them made me want to follow their path.

From there, I went on to study viticulture and winemaking in Bordeaux, which is where I met Renan in 2005. Lots of wine has been shared during that year! In my early winemaking days, I worked in the Bordeaux region and the Rhone Valley, and started going to the Southern Hemisphere to work two vintages per year. I spent my time between France and New Zealand for a few years, but as the vintages went, New Zealand became increasingly more important to me. It was during my second trip there that I caught up with Renan again, sharing our experiences since we’d left university. And it was in Marlborough that we first worked together in 2014.

As Renan went back to France, I stayed on and eventually moved to the sunny Gisborne region, in the upper East Coast of the North Island. When Renan approached me to join RT Wines, I was thrilled to be part of the adventure. Ten years after we first met, here we were, on the other side of the world, making what we loved: crafting wines."


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