Wild Waves

Wild Waves

Our People:

Besides crafting premium wines in Central Otago, RT wines wanted to produce wines affordable for everyone. Wild Waves was created in 2015 by the full dedication of two French winemakers: Renan Theilloux and Aurélien Mansuy. Both having a strong background and experience in winemaking and enough craziness to start new challenges! 

Since then, Renan and Aurélien have worked together on sourcing the best grapes from different terroirs in Marlborough, Hawkes Bay and Gisborne (see map below). In 2016 they produced and released Wild Waves Sauvignon Blanc entirely composed from Marlborough grapes. And here, our vision was achieved: produce an authentic and typical wine that fully expresses the region it comes from.

The wine was a success and they even started to export it. In 2016 and 2017,in addition to the Sauvignon Blanc they produced other Wild Waves wines: a Chardonnay from Gisborne and aBordeaux Blend from Hawkes Bay.

Why the name Wild Waves ?

Renan (left) and Aurélien (right) looking for wild waves approaching the East Coast shores.

Wild Waves represents our winemaking travels before settling in New Zealand.

It is the expression that comes to mind when we visit the wild and rough coast around New Zealand.

The wine regions and Vineyard locations:


We make all our wines in a contract winery. This allows us time to control the process: sourcing the grapes, making the wine and bottling it.

        After being machine harvested, all our grapes travel by night to avoid high temperatures before carefully being delivered to the winery.

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